Ronnie Lane Memorial Night gig at last available!

Ronnie Lane Memorial Concert, Royal Albert Hall, London, 8th April 2004 The complete three hours plus show featuring PAUL WELLER, PETE TOWNSHEND, RONNIE WOOD, SLIM CHANCE, OCEAN COLOUR SCENE and an all star cast. Each purchase comes with a FREE CONCERT PROGRAMME from the night worth £10.

John Hellier: "Ronnie DVD is officially released on 4th August but available from www.wappingwharf.com right now and customers also get a concert programme from the night. It's taken 10 years and it was harder to get the DVD out than put the event on in the first place! Pete Townshend was a great help to me and without him it wouldn't have happened. Three songs with Paul Weller in the DVD! "


The Strange Request! (For Florian).

Florian is one of my (best) students... he's looking for an internship... Read it, please. I know it's a bit strange but when a student is so in love with Blighty, you can't help trying to help him, don't you think? My complete Jam and Weller solo bootlegs collection if you help him! 

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